The Brooklyn Orchestra is an ensemble devoted to new music of the world, and especially of the Americas. The ensemble will endeavor to bring a contemporary repertoire to the orchestral world, while trying to reach out to a younger, broader audience from Brooklyn and beyond, by performing the music of today's composers and musicians, whether folkloric or more composed.

At the same time the Brooklyn Orchestra Society will be reaching out to the public education system to make performances of quality music and educational programs available in Brooklyn and all boroughs.

The orchestra will try to emulate the diversity of the population of Brooklyn, which embodies the plurality of cultures and origins that define a country of immigrants.

Olivier Glissant

​​​​Olivier Glissant is a composer, musician and producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Martinique, he was trained in classical piano in Paris. Fascinated by music from the Americas, he moved to the USA and graduated from Berklee College of Music where he studied Jazz, music production and engineering, composition and conducting.